Abstract Art


About My Abstract Art

Once in a while I get an unusual art idea in my head that I just have to try. The unknown of what will happen by mixing different papers, inks and pencil are intriguing. Kumbaya was such an experimental mixed media project..

I wanted to give a raw, primitive art feeling to the collage and the use of tissue paper , permanent ink, and oil pastel created just the folk art look I wanted.

The idea for the subject came from my experiences as a child living in North Africa. It was an exotic place and the colorful sights and interesting people that I met created a lasting impression on me.

Experimental & Fun

Another fun experimental piece , Not Today, was created about the same time. This time I tried cardboard, a fun mix of decorative papers, and permanent ink on Bristol board. It's a thoughtful piece of mixed media art, suggesting the yin and yang of a personality exposed on the outside of one's face for all to see.

Feelin' The Beat is about color and movement. It was also done on tissue paper, using oil pastel and permanent ink. It suggests dance and music - the sounds of vibration in the air and the energy one feels when dancing. The colors I chose are a little off beat to go with the whimsical theme.

The serene world of nature and the peaceful feeling it conveys is portrayed in Contemplation. I used dark, bright colored ink and light, soft colors for the prismacolor pencil. This makes the folk art patterns in this piece pop. The lovely lady reading is part of the nature around her, as her large, floral dress seems to melt into the surrounding grasses and flowers.

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