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Whimsical Art

Who couldn't help but love' em ? (Not me!) Ever since I was a child our family has been a cat family. From Persians to Short hairs and Russian Blues, we've had them all, and they were all very special.

Currently, I have two furry little purring machines. I guess you could call them the Laurel and Hardy of cats! Chance is a big, fat roly-poly gray Tabby mix, and Rover is a long, skinny, orange Tabby.

My love for cats has taken me into the world of volunteer work. I help out with special needs cats, and they're all a bunch of sweethearts. It's very interesting to see all the different personalities in this cat community.

When I create my art, I occasionally like to toss in a dash of humor, as you can see in the two pieces I did called, Perplexed Cats and Two Cats Reading. These two pieces have been very popular - this is one reason I still continue to do my kitty art!

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