Lupita Acrylic on Canvas

About The Art

My artwork created with acrylics on canvas is bright and bold yet simple and direct in subject. Acrylics are great to work with since they dry fast and give quick results. I begin my composition by using chalk to compose the picture on canvas. This way I can easily wipe off any mistakes if I need to and start over.

Natures Child is a large acrylic painting that features a curly-haired girl sitting outside surrounded by flowers and stones. The colors I used are earthy and rustic like those found in nature. This is one of my favorite art pieces. I myself am a real nature lover and tend to include nature in many of my figurative pieces of art.

Lupita is a single solitary celebration of one woman. She's dressed in colorful clothes, large flowers tucked in her dark black hair. She stands proud and confident. This piece of artwork is a reflection of my love for the Latin culture and its vibrant, whimsical folk art.

Back To Back (in the spotlight) was created with my son in mind. He's an aspiring actor, and this whimsical painting shows 2 star struck young actors on stage in the spotlight.

Embraced also has a Latin feel to it. The woman in this painting is embracing and protecting her three children with a circle of love and warmth. This piece of art celebrates family and children and the strong feeling a woman has for her offspring.

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