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About The Artist

Swirls of vibrant color, rich texture and patterns are trademarks of my art. Large, soulful eyes characterize many of my figurative works. I have many fond memories of being the class artist during my early school years.  At that time and today, I still love drawing people. Different phases of my life seem to create different types of artwork and characters.

You will find my art filled with joy and happiness in a whimsical style of my own. Many women are portrayed in my art and this is because I share a common bond with all my  sisters throughout the world.

I love experimenting and discovering what happens when you mix different mediums together and I especially love creating a new and unusual method for making my art.  Some of the mediums I use to create my art are colored pencil, archival ink, and oil pastel. In the past I’ve also created collages, using decorative papers, metallic gel pens and fabric ink. It’s great fun mixing all the elements together!

I get the greatest joy from sharing my art with others.

Enjoy browsing in my gallery and stay as long as you like. If I can answer any of your questions just email me and I'll get back to you soon.

Paula DiLeo

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ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals".

These are miniature original pieces of art. They are all numbered and signed by the artist. Learn more about ACEO's:

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