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This Too Shall Pass

About The Art

I'm the mother of two boys, so recreating children seemed a natural for me to explore.

Whimsical Expressions Of Joy

My Children Are A Part Of Me is a whimsical/abstract art piece showing how our children really do incorporate themselves into us, body and soul. The surrounding design could be likened to the human egg, and the opening a uterus. I didn't plan or think of it that way when working on the art, but when pointed out to me, I would have to agree.

Jaime's Girls is and expression of the simple joy of being a child - dancing, twirling, and just acting like --- a child ! This artwork is a detour from my whimsical style to a more realistic look. It brings back memories of dancing with my boys.

I've lived and traveled in many foreign countries and A Country Welcome is a combination of the sights and sounds I've seen during my travels. I love to play with pattern, as you can see in this happy little piece, which has a real country feel to it. My thoughts were on Europe at the time, and the girls I created  have that European look.

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