Queen For A Day

About The Art

One thing artists never do is throw out their old artwork, or those pieces that, for some reason, didn't work out right. The following pieces were created with various pieces of art from my past and present.

Queen For The Day is one of my recycled art pieces. This collage is a bit of my art history put together to form one piece of art. I always add new artwork along with the former pieces when I create my collages. In this piece the woman exudes strength and confidence, hence the title Queen For The Day.

Recycled Creations

Looking At You is..............looking at you! This is a pensive piece of work, with much detail and pattern. Various types of papers on cardboard decorate the face. Features were cut out, and art work was added within the mask. The dress the figure is wearing has amazing depth, created with ink, oil pastel, and prismacolor pencil, which are my favorite media to work with.

Another one of my mask collages is Trusting In You. I really focused on the eyes when creating this piece of art. It is full of emotion, the look of one surrendering to another with great trust and belief.

Two people looking at one another - something's on their mind and it's The Conversation. People are much more complex than you'd think, and we all wear different masks depending on the situation and person we're dealing with - hence the complex detailed paper on the mask.

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