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Country Roads

About The Art

My folk art is inspired by the beautiful patchwork quilts I've seen in various art shows. I love the colorful,whimsical quality they have. Having no real talent or interest in sewing, I've taken this passion and incorporated it into my artwork.

Country Roads expresses my love for the country. This piece has curvy tapes of print and color winding throughout the page to create hills and valleys. In between I've created  happy little houses, ponds, apple trees and rocks. There is a lot of movement and activity in this cheerful mixed media landscape.

By The Night Sky is a scene of a primitive village. There are rows of similar houses, flowers and stars all contained within the blocks to create the impression of  a small town  under the stars. It has the look of a weaving or tapestry.

I've always wanted to visit Australia, and In The Outback is my idea of a small, isolated home in the middle of the outback. The subject of this piece is framed by stars and wavy lines representing rivers. Planted in the middle is the house with flowers, fences, hills and a single solitary tree. In the background are long rows of small rocky hills.Even though it stands alone, it is a happy, whimsical scene.

In Oh! I've used the grids I've created to piece together 2 surprised figures surrounded by colorful pots of flowers and symbols.  This is another quilt-like piece of art that had to have me thinking a little bit differently in order to create the artwork -- In other words, thinking IN the box, instead of OUT of the box !

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