On The Front Porch

About The Artwork

On the Front Porch suggests a bygone era, when ladies gathered on their front porch to gossip and drink tea among the Magnolia trees.

This ink and acrylic painting was created on wood. It has a hard, graphic feel to it, which contrasts to the easy-going subject matter. Bright and colorful, it speaks of the good times we have when amongst friends.

Whimsical And Folk-Artsy

I've always been fascinated with Gypsies and Gypsy life. In Gypsy Jubilee two wild and crazy Gypsy Ladies are dancing the night away. I took this piece one step further and incorporated a menagerie of animals that have joined in on the merriment ! This happy mixed media artwork is colorful and full of depth.

How could we do without our close friends? Friends is a little offbeat piece of art , created with oil pastel and ink. It has a folk-artsy feel and is also somewhat reminiscent of Latin art, due to the winding flower on the bottom of the picture. This artwork was created while thinking of my closest friend and all the great times we've had.

The Three Muses is both contemporary and whimsical at the same time. The girls are among nature, and what could be more natural than being nude? This mixed-media piece of art is both charming and slightly provocative at the same time. They are all sisters,united by the close bond women feel for one another.

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