Hoochy Koochy Mama

About The Art

Whimsical is the way I describe the main body of my artwork. Occasionally it will meander into the realms of Folk Art/Abstract, but it is almost always bright, colorful, and carefree.

It is the kind of work that makes me happy to create, and seems to bring smiles to the faces of those who look at it.

Explosions Of Color

Lately I've gone through a period of wanting to do more spontaneous pieces. Hoochy- Koochy Mama was one of the first of these attempts. While the subject matter is concrete, the burst and swirls of line and color in the background are not. This is a piece of pure joy, the emotion being shown by the explosion of color and symbols behind the dancing lady.

Magical Moment was thought out and planned, and is a more rigid piece of work. The background effect was a nice surprise - when sprayed with fixative the media mixed together forming a kind of leather look. I am a big nature lover, and also love pattern, so both these elements come into play in many of my pieces of art, as in Magical Moment.

Flowers cut out from various magazines were used to create Lynda, along with artwork. This woman with the beautiful collage dress is in the spotlight, the background forming a soft glow around her. This is one of my earliest collages, created from cut-outs I'd had stashed away and forgot about.

Kids have so much energy and natural joy! Three Children Dancing shows three children kicking up their heels and just having a good time.

This has a Folk Art feel to it, not only in the style, but in the colors I chose. I added the plaid lines in oil pastel, ink and colored pencil to finish the artwork.

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